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HDPE sheet, waterproofing sheet, Geomembrane making machine

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  • MaterialHDPE
  • Size3 * 2 * 20 m
  • Weight15000 kg
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HDPE Geomembrane extrusion machine; HDPE Geomembrane making machine; HDPE geomembrane production line


1) XAL-8002G Vacuum Feeding Machine 1 set 
2) Dryer Hopper 500kg capacity 1 set 
3) SJ-120/33 High efficiency single screw extruder with DC motor 160kw, 1 set 
4) Hydraulic Exchaning unit 1 set 
5) T-type die head, JC-times brand 1 set 
6) Three Roller calendar with diameter 450mm 1 set 
7) Temperature controller for calendaring system 1 set 
8) Cooling frame and edge trimming unit 1 set 
9) Haul off machine 1 set 
10) Plastic cutting machine -guillotine 1 set 
11) Pneumatic stacker 1 set 
12) spare parts: 1set 

Product specification: Sheet width: 1000-8000mm, sheet thickness: 0.5-3mm  

 Main Technical Parameters:

1. single screw extruder

This extruder can be vacuum-exhausted type according to the different materials.

The screw and barrel are specially designed according to different materials.

Main electrical parts adopts ABB,Omron,RKC,Schneider, Siemens, Eurotherm, high precision.

Extruder can be Siemens PLC touch screen controlled.




2. T-tye die head and hydraulic exchanging units


Brand: JC-times brand


Material: 5CrNiMo, high quality die steel


hydraulic exchanging unit is single plate, double position, non-stop, no leakage, stable performance.




3. Three roller calendar


This calandering system can be vertical, oblique, horizontal according to the mateial attributes.


With rollers thermocontoling machine installed.


The space between three rollers can be adjsuted manually and automatically.




4. Cooling rollers with edge trimming units


cooling rollers can be 4m, 6m, 8m,10m according to products specification and customers' need.


edge cutting unit and slitting device can be installed.




5. Haul off machine




6. Twin position coiler: it is suitable for the thin sheet, like 0.2-2mm




7. Knife cutting machine-guillotine: suitable for under 10mm thickness sheet. It can be controlled by motor or hydraulic cutting




Main applications

1, HDPE geomembrane for environmental protection, sanitation: such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants regulation pool, industrial, hospital and solid waste;
2, LDPE impervious membrane suitable for water projects: such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs dam seepage, sealing, reinforcement, drainage of seepage, vertical heart wall, slope protection, etc;
3, HDPE impermeable membrane in municipal works: subway, underground engineering building, green roofs, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage;
4, polyethylene impermeable membrane suitable garden: artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, golf course pond bottom, slope, green lawn waterproof, etc;
5, high-density polyethylene geomembrane for petrochemicals: chemical plants, refineries, tank seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc;
6, polyethylene geomembrane for mining: washing pools, heap leaching pool, the ash field, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, yard, tailings seepage and other backing;
7, low density polyethylene film suitable transportation facilities: road base reinforcement, culverts impermeable;
8, LDPE impervious membrane suitable for agriculture: reservoirs, water tanks, water storage pond, irrigation systems seepage;
9, HDPE film suitable aquaculture: intensive, factory farming pond, ponds, lined ponds, sea cucumber circle slope, etc;
10, high-density polyethylene impermeable membrane suitable Salt: salt crystallization pool, brine pool thatch cover, salt film, plastic thatch film Salt.




Geomembrane with impermeable plastic film as a substrate, and non-woven geotextile composite made of impermeable material, its performance depends on impervious impermeable plastic film performance. At present, the application of impermeable plastic film at home and abroad, mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer), also designed to use the tunnel applications ECB (ethylene-vinyl-modified bitumen blend geomembrane), which is a flexible material polymer chemistry, the proportion of small, strong extension, the ability to adapt to high deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature, frost performance.