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vacuum thermoforming PP PS sheet making machine

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  • MaterialPP PS
  • Size2 * 2 * 20 m
  • Weight10000 kg
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Vacuum Thermoforming PP PS sheet making machine, PP PS sheet extrusion machine, PP PS sheet production line


Part1: Introduction of this PP PS sheet extruder machine

This PP PS sheet making machine is designed to produce PP PS single layer or multi-layers sheet or plate. The PP PS sheet has wide application in the Vacuum themoforming field.  The PP PS sheet can be manufactured to plastic cups, tray, boxes etc.

The sheets width can be from 500-1200mm and sheet thickness can be 0.2-2mm, adjustable.



Part 2 Production flows:


raw material(pp ps pellets)-vacuum feeding machine-single screw extruder-hydraulic exchanging units-T die head-three roller calendars-cooling frame and edge cutting-haul off machine-cutting machnine or sheet winder-final sheets.


Part 3 Mainfeatures of this machine and testing pictures:



 Single Screw Extruder:


Screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, famous imported world-known thermocontrollers,electronics, hard gear surface gearbox to ensure high effective material extrusion capacity.




T-type die head: JC-Times brand


Excellent mould special steel 5CrNiMo, suitable compression ratio to ensure uniform flow stability. Using a special double flow design which allows more precise adjustment to sheet thickness.


Temperature control of plus or minus 1 ℃ can accurately control the plasticizing process and sheet thickness. Die head is designed with width adjustment system .



Three roller calendar: Alloy steel material , chromed, good quality


According to the material properties, adopting vertical three-roller, oblique three-roller, horizontal three-roller calendar. Internal roller temperature control adopts a unique flow channel, so that the stability if uniform distribution roller. The independent oil temperature control for three roller calendar to ensure more stable and exact control.


4Cooling frame: according to product specifications, configure with different specifications of stainless steel cooling roller.



5Edge cutting device:


Trimming can be manual or automatic. Both the position of the edge trimmer and the width of trimming sheet can be adjustable.



6 Haul off and Cutting machine:


it can be divided into saw cutting or knife cutting. Thin type and non-friable type sheet usually adopt knife cut, adopting high quality alloy cutting tools, sharp and durable.

Thick type sheet usually use saw cutting.


7Winder: torque motor driving. The winding speed can be automatically controlled according to the tension. Portable airshaft, easy and convenient operation.




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vacuum thermoforming PP PS sheet  making machine

vacuum thermoforming PP PS sheet  making machine